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Le Tableau

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Director : Jean-François Laguionie
"Helmer Jean-François Laguionie's consistently enjoyable, inventive and beautifully crafted tale is a color riot suitable for all ages.
Across-the-board critical praise and strong word of mouth have turn the pic into one of this winter's first discoveries..."


Three different types of characters live in a painting that has been abandoned by its painter : The Alldunns, those fully painted, the Halfies, those lacking in color, and the Sketchies, who are not painted at all.
Considering themselves as way superior to the others, the Alldunns soon take over, drive the Halfies out and subjugate the Sketchies. Ramo, a young Alldunn in love with a Halfy, sides with the oppressed and sets out on a journey across frames to bring back the Painter. But Ramo is about to discover that beyond the frame lives a world he could never have imagined...

  • Directed by Jean-François Laguionie
  • Produced by Armelle Glorennec and Eric Jacquot
  • Screenplay by Anik Le Ray
Genre : Animation
Year : 2011
Length : 76 min
Nationality : French