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affiche L’Aube du monde

Dawn Of The World

Director : Abbas Fahdel
The marshlands of Mesopotamia, at the delta of the euphrates and tiger rivers, in southern
Iraq. This is where Mastour and Zahra grow up. Being Cousins, they are married very young. But when the first Gulf War explodes, they are forced apart as he’s drafted in the army. On the battlefield, Mastour befriends with Riad arrives in the village, he falls deeply in love with zahra. But unable to bear the loss of her husband, she Shuts herself off. in this completely foreign environment, hostile to this newcomer and as a new war is on the verge of flaming up the country, Riad will do the impossible to find his place.

The purpose of the film is to show the daily banality of war and how it tends to create a void wherever it hits, like the irreparable damage of one of the oldest ecosystems of the world for instance.

Abbas Fahdel

Equinoxe 2005

Prize for best first screenplay and best scriptwriter

  • With Hafsia Herzi (The secret of the grain)
  • Karim Saleh (Munich, Kingdom of Heaven)
  • Hiam Abbass (Lemon Tree, Munich, the Syrian Bride)
Genre : Drama
Year : 2008
Length : 1h36
Nationality : France, Germany

A film by

Abbas Fahdel

French Producer

Pascal Verroust (Adr Productions)


Sandrine Valageas

German Producer

Oliver Damian (27 Films Production)


Abbas Fahdel

1st Assistant

Elyes Zrelli


Ahmed El Attar
Orient Productions


Nevine El Ibiary (Orient Productions)

Production Director

Mohamed El Gohary (Orient Productions)

Director of Photography

Gilles Porte

Sound Engineer

Emmanuel Zouki

Production Designer

Hussein Baydoun

Grip - Light

Samy Emery


Sylvie Gadmer

International sales