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affiche Picnic (Pescuit Sportiv)


Director : Adrian Sitaru
A Sunday picnic seemed like the best way for Mihai and Sweetie to spend some quality timetogether and take their relationship to a new level. But a series of odd and unexpected events soon turn this idyllic weekend getaway into a very, very strange day...

I think I have always been interested in human
behaviour and relationships. Unlike other species,
we have an absurd and self-destructive kind of
behaviour. It seems to me that we are the only
species that can destroy itself with pleasure.
Adrian Sitaru

  • Adrian Titieni
  • Ioana Flora
  • Maria Dinulescu
  • Alexandru Georgescu
  • Sorin Vasilescu
  • Nicodim Ungureanu
Genre : Drama
Year : 2008
Length : 1h24
Nationality : Romanian

Réalisation et scénario

Adrian Sitaru

Produit par

Marie-Pierre Macia
Juliette Lepoutre
Adrian Sitaru

Chef opérateur

Adrian Silisteanu


Adrian Sitaru

Musique originale

Cornel Ilie


Marius Constantin
Titi Fleancu

Montage son

Razvan Dima
Yannick Coutheron


Gilles Benardeau


Viorica Rizea

Assistants réalisateurs

Dan Iancan
Stefan Pischis

Producteurs associés

Ada Solomon / Videolink

Producteur exécutif

Adrian Sitaru

Une co-production

Movie Partners in Motion Film (France)
4 Proof Films (Roumanie)

Avec le soutien de

Audio Design Digital Art
Dawis Film

En co-production avec

ARTE France Cinéma

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