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affiche Sur ta joue ennemie

Welcome Home

Director : Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
By the Academy Award Winning Director of Murder on a Sunday Morning, the Staircase.

A man returns to his home town. He’s spent the last 13 years in prison. Out on probation, he’s obsessed by a girl. Following her like a shadow, he compiles her every move. And one day, he reaches for her : "It’s me" She turns around, looks at him and starts to scream...

  • Robinson Stévenin (Actresses, Little Lili, Bad genres)
  • Fanny Valette (Molière, Little Jerusalem)
  • Patrick Descamps
  • Nicolas Giraud
Genre : Thriller
Year : 2008
Length : 1h51
Nationality : France

A film by

Jean-Xavier de Lestrade


Philippe Carcassonne
Jean Xavier De Lestrade
Denis Poncet


Yorgos Arvanitis


Sophie Brunet


Cyril Moisson
Cecile Chagnaud
Eric Tisserand

Original Score

Karol Beffa

Set Decorator

Sylvain Chauvelot

First Assistant Director

Christophe Marillier

Script Supervisor

Nathalie Vierny

Costume Designer

Dorothee Guiraud
Jette Kraghede

Makeup Artist

Catherine Bruchon


Nathalie Cheron
Maguy Aime

Line Producer

Mat Troi Day

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